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Queen of Katwe

This inspiring drama (based on real people and events) tells the story of a girl called Phiona and her struggles with living in a Ugandan slum, in Africa.

The movie is based around the game of chess, but is much more than that, as it looks at how Phiona tries to rise above her circumstances and achieve her dreams.

After watching this movie, you will have lots to think about and be thankful for. The movie doesn’t turn into the usual ‘Disney-like’ serving, but, at the end, when you get to see the people the actors portrayed and what's become of them, you cannot help but feel inspired.

If this is different to what you might normally choose, let me assure you that The Queen of Katwe is most-definitely worth watching.

Did you know?

Director Mira Nair was making a documentary about Robert Katende, the man who trained Phiona Mutesi to play chess. When she heard Phiona’s story, she knew a movie about her life would be a hit.





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