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Avatar: The Way of Water

The long-awaited sequel to 2009’s mega hit Avatar is finally here. Following the huge success of the first movie, James Cameron had promised us a series of sequels but the need to develop new technology to film underwater performance-capture scenes (something never done before) led to big delays. Now, though, we are finally being blessed with this masterpiece of filmmaking. 

Set over 10 years after the first movie, Avatar: The Way of Water tells us the story of the Sully family and shows the misfortune that follows them and how far they must go to protect each other. We once again meet Jake and Neytiri, but this time they have some offspring in tow. 

As you can imagine, the special effects are quite literally out of this world but, much like the first movie, a riveting story about the importance of love, family and belonging lies at the heart of the epic adventure. 

Although Avatar: The Way of Water runs for three hours, it is worth EVERY moment. A must see! 




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