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The Weird, the Wonderful and the Wacky

Way back 10 years ago, we published the very first issue of The Primary Planet. While a number of your teachers may remember it arriving into the classroom, some of you were not even born – or, if you were, you were much too busy running around in your nappies, gooing and gaaing to beat the band.

Since that first issue in April 2011, we have covered so many stories, printed so many articles and collected so many brilliant pictures, poems and features, we’re not quite sure what to put in or leave out in this special 100th issue scrapbook.

To get you started though, here’s a collection of some of our favourite WWW storyheadlines over the years including, quite possibly, the most weird-but-wonderful www news story ever.

Just click on the headlines and read for yourself. You won't believe some, if not all, of them. Our favourite? Carrot Finds Ring! Let us know yours in the comment box below. 





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